Curriculum Information
Category Course Code Classification Course Title Cred.-Lect.-Exp.
BIO590 Research Seminar 1-1-0
BME590 Seminar 1-1-0
HST601 Capstone Design in Translational Medicine 3-2-2
HST602 Industrial Internship 3-2-2
HST590 Seminars in Translational Research 1-10
Required HST690 Master’s Research value of credit
HST890 Doctoral Research value of credit
HST501 Lecture Clinical Trials 3-3-0
HST502 Data Analysis in Medical Research 3-3-0
Elective HST603 Lecture Field Practice of Translational Research 3-2-2
HST503 Medical Informatics System 3-3-0
HST504 Introduction to Deep Learning in Medicine 3-3-0
HST505 Introduction to Smart Healthcare 3-3-0
HST506 Clinical Genomics 3-3-0
HST507 Translational Research in Molecular Diagnostics 3-3-0
HST508 Translational Research in Rehabilitation 3-3-0
HST509 Translational Research in Tissue Engineering 3-3-0
HST510 Biomarkers in drug development 3-3-0
HST511 Evaluation Techniques of Advanced Biopharmaceuticals 3-3-0
HST512 Business Development in Translational Medicine 3-3-0
HST513 Medical Physics 3-3-0
HST561 Animal Cell Biotechnology 3-3-0
HST562 Advanced Genomics 3-3-0
HST563 Advanced Engineering Physiology 3-3-0